About The Band

The Brevard Community Band is a summer band composed of 60+ volunteer musicians (professional and amateurs) ages 16-90 from Brevard and surrounding areas.  The band is under the direction of Jamie Hafner, Director Emeritus of Education of the Brevard Music Center and past Director of Bands at Brevard College and current conductor of the Blue Ridge Symphonic Brass.  The purpose of the band is to promote band music, music education and to provide an outlet for instrumentalists to express their musical talents.

In addition the BCB is a philanthropic and service organization.   The BCB awards music scholarships to local students; grants to local school bands and provides support services to local band programs each year.

The BCB performs challenging band literature. The band has a high percentage of professional musicians including 13 retired band directors, four music professors, three arrangers and a world famous composer.  Our conductor is highly renowned for his conducting.

Our Vision and Mission

The Brevard Community Band is a highly respected music organization in which members achieve their highest level of performance. The band provides rich musical experiences that foster appreciation and support of community music ensembles. The band supports music education through scholarships, grants, school band activities and through the promotion of life-long performance.

Our mission is to provide lifelong performance and music education for our community.  The Brevard Community Band provides opportunities for area musicians to perform challenging band literature at the highest level for the enrichment of the membership and community.